Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2012

Lauren Conrad Shares How to Fly With Style (and Comfort!) at the Holidays!

If you read my book Lauren Conrad Style then you may already know that I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to traveling. While I love jetting off for a vacation, I can’t say that I like the dozens of red-eye flights and security checks that I deal with when flying somewhere. To ease the pain of traveling, I like to keep my look simple and smart. I say smart because there are so many things you can do to cut down on potential security screenings and make the act of traveling more comfortable. Today I will be sharing my smart style tips for traveling since I figured that many of you might be making journeys in the air this holiday season…

My Mile-High Style Tips

Keep your look simple. I like to wear mostly black when I travel.
Sometimes I throw in one complimentary color, such as burgundy or beige.

Wear socks! Is there anything worse than forgetting to pack socks and
then having to tiptoe through the security line with bare feet? I think not…

Forget anything strappy or full of buckles. Like I said before, simplicity is key. By avoiding anything superfluous like strappy sandals and triple-buckle boots, you can cut down on the time you spend preparing for security and up your in-flight comfort factor too!

Minimize your jewelry. Instead of piling your wrists with watches and bracelets, keep your accessories to a minimum. Nine times out of ten you will be asked to remove everything before going through airport security.

Layer up. Wear your most comfortable pair of jeans or leggings—preferably in a dark color. Top off your look with a simple tee and a cozy sweater or relaxed blazer. Finally, twist on a scarf (or pack one in your carry-on). We all know that planes get chilly! I usually like to keep my jacket and scarf packed in my carry-on to cut down on the time I spend getting ready to go through security. If I already have these layers off, then I don’t need to worry about taking them on and off during the security screening. Once I’m through security, I usually pile these items on to prepare for the artic temps to come on the plane…
Happy travels!
-XO Lauren

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Montag, 17. Dezember 2012

Lauren Conrad Is Nominated for @streamys' 'Best DIY or How-To Series' Award!

Lauren Conrad is nominated for the Streamy Awards' Best DIY or How-To Series Award!
The nominations for the 3rd annual Streamy Awards were announced early Monday.

The Streamy Awards, which will take place Febuary 17, 2013 at the Hollywood Palladium,
honors excellence in original online video programming and the creators behind them.
We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Source: Streamys

Lauren Conrad Talks Holiday Wish List, her Favorite Holiday Song & More!

Tis the season for chic, glee, festivity, and LC. Television personality, fashion designer, and author Lauren Conrad has captured the world’s attention since her reality days on Laguna Beach and The Hills. From her holiday wish list and resort wear recommendations to her New York Time’s best-selling novels and more, Lauren graces Style Solutions with her story.

 It’s the holiday season–ideal holiday party outfit, please!
"I always think you can never go wrong with a cute party dress."

Tell me about your line with Kohls and some key pieces in your collections.
"I love working with Kohls, and I think there are some amazing staples for any wardrobe. We have a few blouses and boyfriend blazers that we’ve done a few seasons in a row, but in different colors and patterns as they are just must-have items."

What’s it like to be writing fiction after years on TV?
"I just released a new series to follow up LA Candy. This one is from the point of view of the bad girl,
so I must say it was a little more fun to write."

What about your Lauren Conrad Beauty and Style books?
"Writing those books was really eye opening, as you realize just how much goes into beauty and fashion, and also how much I’ve learned over the years. I think both books are essential, as they don’t really teach you one particular look that will go out of style next season, but rather tools and tricks you can use over the years."

What’s on your Holiday Wish List this year?
"I always love candles, cook books, coffee table books, and scarfs. They always fit and are so useful and fun."

Definitely. I also think nail polish makes for great stocking stuffers. What are your current go-to’s?
"I am loving metallics lately. They’re fun and festive and go with everything."

If you could create your dream Christmas tree ornament, what would it be?
"I love the holidays, that is a great question. I would say something very sparkly."

What’s your favorite holiday song and movie?
"I love Sleepless In Seattle and When Harry Met Sally. Also, anything Christmas like It’s A Wonderful Life."

Holidays are all about traditions. What’s yours?
"Spending time with my family–we make it a point to get together."

This is also resort season. What are three items you must take with you on a vacation somewhere warm?
"There are key must-have items for a resort trip. They include a maxi dress that can be worn as a cover up or to a nice dinner out, a great skirt that can be paired with different tops to create a few looks, and a cardigan for cool evenings."

What’s up and coming for you?
"I continue writing, designing for LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls and Paper Crown, and also running my website I am also really proud of my sustainable bag line called XO(eco). It’s a combo of really cute beauty and lunch bags that are also good for the planet!"

Source: StyleSolution

Lauren Conrad Shows How to Decorate With Ornaments!

Lauren Conrad will be guest blogging for iVillage throughout the month of December! For her third post, she puts together this blog about creating your own holiday decorations without spending a dime!

When it comes to holiday decorations I love to dress up my home with festive homemade touches. Whether it’s a homemade garland or glittery holiday-themed figurines, giving your home a celebratory touch is a simple way to brighten up your space during the dark winter months.

One of my favorite ways to liven up my home with the holiday spirit is by using leftover ornaments in unconventional ways. This year, I took dozens of tiny golden ornaments that I used on my tree in years past and scattered them amongst my seashell collection above the mantel of my fireplace. I love how I gave these old ornaments new life and instantly added a festal touch to my mantel. I’ve also been known to fill a glass bowl with ornaments and use it as a centerpiece on my coffee table. It’s so easy but so pretty.

Another idea that I’ve been obsessed with of as of late is using bows as decoration. My mom has always loved bows and clearly that was a dominant trait because I love them too…maybe more. During the holidays she would adorn our home with dozens of bows—you could find them anywhere from the banisters to the front door to our holiday wreathes. I loved how she did this so I’ve followed suit. However I took it one step further by creating massive loopy bows and using them as centerpieces when I’m entertaining.

In addition to bows and scattered ornaments, I really enjoy making my own decorations. This year I made a glitter garland that hangs across my fireplace and I’m also planning on making a sparkly “Be Merry” sign as well.
How do you like to DIY your holiday décor?
XO Lauren

Source: iVillage

Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Lauren Conrad Sign Lolë Coats for Charity Auction!

The activewear brand is recycling used winter coats and donating the money to a good cause. Lolë has found a way to raise even more money by auctioning off a number of autographed jackets donated by celebrities who wanted to put in their efforts. Big names include Miranda Kerr on December 7, Lauren Conrad on December 11 and Ivanka Trump on December 13. Be sure to bring in your coat, or go online for the auction before December 24.

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Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012

Lauren Conrad Shows Us How to DIY Gift Tags!

Lauren Conrad announced that throughout the month of December she will be guest blogging for iVillage! To kick things off, Lauren put together this post about adding the perfect personal touch to your gift giving this holiday season.

"During the holiday season I think a lot of us get caught up in the idea of giving simply to give instead of giving thoughtfully. To ensure my presents feel personalized, I like to make my own gift tags. It’s really quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of time, but makes a big difference as opposed to using store-bought tags.

This year, I started making gift tags with watercolors and watercolor paper. I started this project a few weeks ago and whenever I have some downtime I pull out my supplies and make a few. (It’s a great activity to do while you’re catching up on your favorite fall shows!)

I created a tag template by tracing a playing card onto watercolor paper and then cut out a whole stack of them to decorate. Like I said before, I used watercolor supplies to create my tags this year. However, other materials I’ve been known to use include glitter pens, stamps (which I like to trace over with glue and glitter), and scrapbook letters. If you’re not particularly artistic, definitely give the stamps and scrapbook letters a try.

What do you think? I encourage all of you to take a little time to give this thoughtful touch a try. It’s simple and the recipients of your gifts will really appreciate your added efforts.  Are you going to make your own gift tags this year? What materials do you plan to use?

Happy crafting!
XO Lauren"