Dienstag, 20. November 2012

Lauren Conrad Designs Eco-Conscious Insulated Pie Carriers for her (xo)eco Collection!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, we can't help but let our thoughts wander to delicious food and delightful treats this week. And luckily, we're not the only ones. When we ran into Lauren Conrad at a beauty luncheon hosted by The Hollywood Reporter at Chateau Marmont last week, we were instantly taken by her cheery mood, full of festive cheer.

Turns out, the fashion designer, author and style icon has been busying herself in the kitchen as well!
"I've been on a pie kick lately! I think pies are the new cupcake...it's my prediction!" the blond beauty, who admits to currently baking at least one pie a week, gushed. She tells us she's fond of a handful of popular flavors, and can't help but spread the holiday baking spirit to others all around her. "I've had a really, really busy year. I put a lot of things on hold and now I'm making an effort to spend time with friends and family and just enjoy the season."

Leave it to L.C. to outdo herself! The style icon tells us that she's currently putting her love of baking and design to work with an exciting new domestic project that sounds too adorable for words. Conrad is currently working with reusable bag company BlueAvocado to design eco-conscious insulated pie carriers for all to enjoy.

The handy totes won't be available until next year, but Conrad assures us they'll be worth the wait. "They're made of reclaimed plastic, so you're reducing your carbon footprint, and who doesn't love a portable pie?" she smiled.
Sounds pretty sweet to us.

Source: EOnline

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