Montag, 4. März 2013

Lauren Conrad Reveals Why She Dyed Her Hair Blonder!

Lauren Conrad's latest hair makeover was a spur of the moment decision. Under the guidance of The Beauty Department's Kristin Ess, the 27-year-old fashion designer debuted lighter locks via Instagram on Wednesday, Feb. 27.

"I just felt like going blonder. I don't really have like a cool reason," Conrad admitted to Us Weekly during Cotton's 24 Hour Runway Show in Miami, Fla., March 1. "I hadn't been very blonde in a while. We were in my hairstylist's studio and we just decided to do blonde." The Laguna Beach and Hills alum -- who went brunette in January 2011 -- also shared her timeless fashion tips with Us. "My style is definitely California, but I tend to go a little girlier," Conrad said. "I tend to gravitate towards a classic button-down, a clean denim."

Conrad added that she wears denim "almost every single day," explaining that "it's such a big part of my wardrobe." When the time comes to get dressed up -- like for date nights with University of Southern California law student William Tell, her boyfriend of 13 months -- the New York Times bestselling author sticks with the basics. "I like a little black dress," Conrad told Us. "I like an A-line dress -- you know, the fit and flare, the shape that kind of looks great on everybody."

Source: UsMagazine

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