Dienstag, 23. Juli 2013

Lauren Conrad Partnering Up with @Refinery29!

Lauren Conrad announced that she will be partnering up with one of her favorite websites, Refinery29! Refinery’s email newsletters are a staple in her inbox for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment news. Lauren is also a dedicated reader of the Los Angeles section of their site. (But for all you who don't live in L.A., you can check out their New York, London, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. sections too.)

Anyway, every week for the next month she will be sharing blog posts on Refinery29 and guest pinning to our joint Pinterest board appropriately titled california girl. Lauren will also be making a special guest appearance in their newsletter (check that off the bucket list!). So keep an eye out and be sure to join Refinery’s newsletter if you haven’t already.

Source: LaurenConrad.com

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