Samstag, 10. August 2013

Watch #TheHills Alternate Ending with Lauren Conrad!

Even the most die-hard fans of The Hills knew the reality series was faker than Heidi Montag‘s boobs, but no one expected MTV to end the show’s six-season run by confirming that fact with a little wink-nod to the audience! As you may remember, the final scene — featured Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari‘s dramatic goodbye — ended with a slow zoom-out, revealing the entire show to have been filmed on a Hollywood set! Now, more than three years later, MTV has aired an alternate ending to the series. So prepare to have your LC-loving mind blown.

‘The Hills’ Alternate Ending
Most of the episode, shown Aug. 9 as part of MTV’s “Retro MTV” block, was the same as it originally aired — except for the final minute. After saying “goodbye” to Kristin, Brody returned to his condo to find — wait for it – Lauren Conrad! Yes, good ol’ L.C. — who left the series after the fourth season — came back for one last hurrah. Brody tells her he was “just saying goodbye to a friend,” to which she replies, “It’s hard to say goodbye.”
Source: MTV

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