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: Lauren Conrad Answers Fan Questions in @InStyle's Twitter Chat!

Lauren Conrad capped off her day as an InStyle editor with a Twitter chat,
where she spoke to fans about all things style and beauty (in addition to her many projects).
Keep scrolling for the full chat!

Who is your biggest style inspiration?
"I don't really have one! I think style inspiration is everywhere."

What is your favorite summer trend?
"Matching crop top and skirt sets. I even did a post about the crop top on @laurenconradcom."

What are your favorite self tanning products and why?
"I haven't used self-tanning products in a while. I've been trying to embrace my natural skin color lately."

Do you wear any of your Kohl's clothing line - if so what is your favorite item?
"90% of the time I'm wearing at least one @LCLaurenConrad piece! My favorite pieces right now are the maxi dresses."

What is your guilty pleasure? (food, tv shows...)
"My guilty pleasure during the summer is Big Brother :-) I can't resist..."

What will the fashion must have be for the fall?
"Wearable shine. It's fun to wear a little subtle sparkle and it stays on trend through holiday."

What are the 3 things that you cannot leave your house without?
"My iPhone, sunglasses, and sunscreen."

If you had to explain your personal brand in a couple of words, what would you say?
"My personal brand in 4 words: Creative, empowering, fun, and girly."

What drives your passion and keeps you going in the fashion industry?
"I feel so lucky to have a job that I love. It's so much fun going to work everyday + working in a creative industry."

What is your favorite brand and shade?
"I love the classic cream collection that @dolcegabbana just came out with. I mix the colors together."

What is the best outfit for a guy to wear on a summer date at night? Dinner & drinks.
"You can't go wrong with chinos, a button-down, and a more casual shoe like a boat shoe or a sneaker (no running shoes!)"

What has been the most fulfilling experience while working on 'the little market' venture?
"The time spent with artisans while traveling for @TheLittleMarket. We've met so many inspiring women."

I'm in love with the concept for The Little Market where is your next trip planned to scout?
"I think our next trip is going to be somewhere in Mexico. We're talking to a few different groups right now."

What fashion accessory can you not live without?
"A great handbag because it dresses up even a casual outfit."

If you had to pick one item from your wardrobe to be your staple piece, what would it be?
"During summer it's definitely white denim."

What's your daily #skincare routine?
"I wash my face every morning and night; use a scrub every other day; and use moisturizer and sunscreen everyday."

What is your favorite "song of the summer" this year?
""I Wanna Get Better" by @bleachersmusic"
Source: InStyle

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