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NEWS: Lauren Conrad Launches British Inspired 'Paper Crown' A/W Collection in the UK!

Lauren Conradʼs clothing line ʻPaper Crownʼ comes over all patriotic exclusively at The Contemporary Level.
Effortlessly chic, red carpet darling and ʻThe Hillsʼ alumni, Lauren Conrad, has launched her luxury lifestyle line across the pond, just in time for Britainʼs most exciting summer. The collection is now exclusively available at avant-garde style hub and boutique experience, The Contemporary Level.
In one of the most proud and patriotic years in UK recent history, Conradʼs Autumn/Winter 2012 collection pays homage to Americaʼs most stylish ancestors, with designs such as the Kensington gown, the Thames short and the Wimbledon skirt.
Conrad notes ʻI am a big fan of British fashion; it is so eclectic and beautiful, I love the ladylike and preppy influences. Itʼs cool and sophisticated.ʼ Conrad polished look has been emulated by numerous women for many years now and her taste in clothes has been admired ever since she rose to fame during the success of MTVʼs “structured reality” show, ʻThe Hills,ʼ which left programmes such as ʻThe Only Way is Essexʼ and ʻMade In Chelseaʼ eagerly following in its footsteps.
Conrad now running the show behind the scenes, it is no wonder then that ʻPaper Crownʼ is entering its fifth successful season. ʻ“Paper Crown” is truly my passion projectʼ she proclaims. The clothing line focuses on pieces with a modern take on classic style, maintaining an emphasis on fit and fabric quality to create staples for the contemporary womanʼs closet.
Conradʼs ʻPaper Crownʼ exclusive UK platform is the new online luxury style hub, The Contemporary Level, a sharp website boutique which features young creative artists emerging from their inner sanctum ready to construct their vision in the real world.
The Spring/Summer 2012 collection of ʻPaper Crownʼ is available now in the UK from The Contemporary Level with the new Autumn/Winter collection debuting in August.

Source: PressKing

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  1. Ich mochte Kleider von Lauren Conrad. Kanst "Contemporary Level" nach Deutchland verbinden?