Mittwoch, 8. August 2012

LOOKBOOK: LC Lauren Conrad Fall 2012 Collection!

Lauren Conrad officially reveals what young femmes will buy with her upcoming LC Lauren Conrad Kohl's Fall 2012 collection. The newest designs Lauren offers are big-dotted dresses, pont-collar dresses & pont pants, yoke cross dresses, terry pants, and colored jeans, just to name a few. Colors also play a big part in Lauren's exciting styles with holly berry dresses, sky blue, rose, & seaform jeans, biking red terry pants, everglade dresses, royal blue tops, and colored blazers. Lauren's jewelry collection also grew with camera-designed earrings and rings, fruit-textured necklaces and earrings, bird-in-cage necklaces, and necklaces spelling 'cheer' & 'love'. Mostly all of Lauren's new Kohl's Fall 2012 collection are available now this August with just a handful of pieces coming out in September and October.

Source: Kohls

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