Samstag, 27. April 2013

Lauren Conrad Stopped by Dispela Antiques Store!

Lauren Conrad ventured out yesterday (April 26th) in Los Angeles, Calif. stopping by Dispela Antiques store, filed by an eager fan from Instagram who wanted a picture of Lauren. The fan claims on her Twitter that one of her friends wanted to take a picture with Lauren, but Lauren didn't seem up for a fan photo-op.

In spite of what could've been a bad moment for Lauren to take a picture, Lauren was more than willing to have a fan get a picture of her (just not with her). In the end, these fans of Lauren should not be complaining about Lauren's mood, they should be grateful that Lauren took a moment of her time to give her fans what they want.

What most fans of any celebrity do not understand is that celebrities (including Lauren) have private lives too and have bad moments at times just like regular people. If anything, Lauren Conrad should demand her photo be taken down from their Instagram through legal action because these fans were totally ungrateful what Lauren gave them.

Source: LCexaminer

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