Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Lauren Conrad Teamed up with Malibu to launch their newest spirit, Malibu Island Spiced!

Lauren Conrad announced yesterday at her Twitter page that she's established a new partnership with Malibu Island Rum to promote their newest easy on the calories spirit. Lauren will kick off celebrations of her new product endorsement next Tuesday up in New York, most likely being at a high-profile event.

Lauren's putting her established name and face behind Malibu Island Spiced, a drink that's only 70 calories containing light spices, smoked vanilla, cinnamon, and Truvia. Lauren too gave unofficial word of her new partnership with Mailbu Island Rum Tuesday during a Q&A with SheKnows when describing her favorite summer cocktails.

In all honesty, a fine wine partnership would be an idea fit for Lauren because her entities like Paper Crown and skew to a high-end market. But Lauren Conrad skews a young audience, so it does seem ideal for Lauren to partner with Malibu Island Rum because her demographic likes to drink and watch their weight too.

Source: LCexaminer

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